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FO&O – Teenage talking

Call her super, she’s missing [?] We’re taking frame by frame, she’s stuck in my picture and I could’ve just erase her but I won’t ‘Cause like this she’d get it what she wanted, this I know She let us walk and…Read More »

HANA – Be with U

Uh, Sitting by the river with you Holding the hand down in my hands I don’t wanna grab it Simply kiss back I’ve drown myself while Baby is gone We don’t need no time for where we going I lovely said my…Read More »

Sylvan Esso – Radio

Gimme a new single Make me a new baby Gonna eat all the candy while you straddle and lay me Gonna to know all the words before you come on top And I sing them back at you while you try to…Read More »

STOLAR – Feel good

I’ve been up in my head all day Wow me up, I might be going insane Watching all my friends on the TV again Singing all the songs that I wrote for them Might be on to getting my own way Head…Read More »

Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT.

[Intro: Kid Capri] New Kung Fu Kenny Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me Y’all know, what happens on Earth stays on Earth Here we go! I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck I don’t give a, I don’t give a,…Read More »

Declan McKenna – Brazil

I heard you sold the Amazon To show the country that you’re from Is where the world should want to be For find something all people need I’m faithless now though we win Every time and I don’t know how ‘Cause I…Read More »