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Jordan Davis – Need To Not Lyrics

[Verse 1] I know my way to your place Like the back of my hand There's a key on this chain That'll spin your lock and let me in And I'm thinkin' 'bout us again I'm thinkin' 'bout cavin' in when [Chorus]…Read More »

Illenium & Iann Dior – First Time Lyrics

[Chorus] I know that we haven't met, but I know your vibe Are we skipping a step? 'Cause I really don't mind It's like you've been in my bed a couple thousand times Now we're at it again, we're at it again for the very first…Read More »

Nick Jonas – 2Drunk Lyrics

[Verse 1] Turn the TV off, make the bed Oh my God, it’s five, once again Pour another drink Pour another drink and take it down All my friends are home, so am I So I drink alone, justified Nobody around Nobody around, keeping count…Read More »