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Wrekonize – Clones

[Verse 1] When the lights go dim Everything around us begins All the people run to get a piece of the sin Everybody wanna be the star of the spin And the city’s full of folks that are in it just to…Read More »

Alizee – Si Tu Es Un Homme (5 Album)

Tu ne pourras rien me cacher Je n’ai pas besoin d’être médium Mais dis toujours la vérité Si Tu Es Un Homme Je ne pourrai pas te soigner Ne me prends pour un sérum Mais n’aie pas peur d’être blessé Si Tu…Read More »

Ramin Karimloo – Cathedrals lyrics

In the shadows of tall buildings Of fallen angels on the ceilings Oily feathers in bronze and concrete Faded colors, pieces left incomplete The line moves slowly past the electric fence Across the borders between the continents In the cathedrals of New…Read More »

The New Division – Vicious

[Electronic music] ‘Cause baby it’s time we let down on the ride Running from the city Running from its crimes Sleeping on the streets of Rome [?] to pass the time We could seal our faiths alone We could deal, oh, baby…Read More »

Joan Osborne – One Of Us

If God had a name what would it be? And would you call it to his face? If you were faced with Him in all His glory What would you ask if you had just one question? And yeah, yeah, God is…Read More »