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The 5 Best Movie Kisses

April 1, 2021 The 5 Best Movie Kisses ComingSoon.net is swooning just thinking about the best kisses in film history. Check out our picks in the gallery below! RELATED: Six 20th Century Films Set In The 2010’s Ah, the movie kiss. Somehow everything…Read More »

The 10 Best Movies About Addiction

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Joey A – PARiS lyrics

She’s dipped in gold She likes it fancy Drinks pink champagne As her hair falls down Leaves her perfume Red lipstick number And then she’s gone Before the sun comes up I’m talking ‘bout a classic That Coco kinda magic This thing…Read More »

NELLY FURTADO – Paris Sun lyrics

You’re collar pops in the latest style I feel romance hanging in your smile Is it just me or the Paris sun? On this boulevard, making everything so ooh la la Hyper colour, hyper rain Elevating every single thing that I feel…Read More »

Future – Keep Quiet (Hndrxx Album)

From the club to the telly, on the floor You better not wake them neighbors You better not wake them neighbors, girl Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet Don’t tell nobody Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet ‘Cause you gon’ start a…Read More »