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Beenie Man – Fun in the Sun Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Popcaan, Beenie Man] Weh! Oh Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord A Dre Island, Popcaan and Beenie Man (Yow) Unruly [Bridge: Beenie Man & Popcaan] You know me grow tough and me no soft like butter But me could a…Read More »

Declan McKenna – Brazil

I heard you sold the Amazon To show the country that you’re from Is where the world should want to be For find something all people need I’m faithless now though we win Every time and I don’t know how ‘Cause I…Read More »

Jaymes Young – Stoned On You

[Verse 1] We’re making this part of us together You’re taking my mind off all the pressure I’m gone with the wind, high like a feather Your love is like codeine [Chorus] Girl, I get stoned on you Rubbing my bones on…Read More »

Reo Cragun – Peso

[Verse 1] I put the work in on the Monday to the Sunday When you do it with the passion all the money comin’ I’ve been shufflin’ the offers I ain’t stressin’ nothin’ Now my brother hit me : "Nigga when you…Read More »

Parachute – Crave (Stripped)

Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Who gave you moves, girl? Moves girl Moves girl I’m bound to lose you Sooner or later I watch your eyes Catch the light As we move, girl…Read More »

Bishop Briggs – Wild Horses

[Verse 1] You hold me down in the best way No quarter from these chains that I Slapped on my heart for a feeling Why can’t I let my demons lie? Keep screaming into the pillow Cause your touch still gets me…Read More »

Mike Love – Permanent Holiday

Oh Lord, I’m on a permanent holiday I’m going outside to play I ain’t gonna slave away Not for no corporate Babylon I’m never gonna be a pawn in their manipulation games Oh Lord I’m taking the reins I’m breaking the chains…Read More »

Belly – Actin Different

[Verse 1] I say I’m going ham but it’s against my religion Came in this bitch, never ask for permission Try to think it over and you prolly overthinking Am I tripping, grown man talking like bitches These days I can barely…Read More »

WATSON – Drama letras

[Verse] I see you girl , sitting quietly Act like you don’t know nobody Drinkin drinking thinking You can’t trust nobody I popped like way too many I can’t feel my body I fucked like way to many bitches at this party…Read More »

Curren$y – Anybody letras

[Chorus] Exotics and low riders front my house I dreamed about it Now all I do walk out my front door and I see I got it I used to dream about it, I can’t believe I got it I guess all…Read More »