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Imperials – Praise The Lord lyrics

[Verse 1] When you’re up against a struggle That shatters all your dreams Your hope’s been cruelly crushed By Satan’s manifested scheme And you feel the urge within you To submit to earthly fears Don’t let the faith your standing in Seem…Read More »

PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day

[Verse 1] There are men in every town who live to bring you down Make themselves feel bigger making you feel small My advice is to look incredible As you make their lives regrettable by being your damn self God, it’s so…Read More »

Ady Suleiman – State Of Mind

And if I ever knew what lay be-fore these written lines Then i’m sure to find out, I’ve been lied to, time after time And if you’re blind I’ll give you sight just like the Jesus Christ Well it’s like welcome to…Read More »