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MANAFEST – Fearless

[Chorus: Alicia Simila] Without a doubt in my mind Through shadows I climb Put it all on the line I’m fearless, fearless (2x) [Verse 1: Manafest] Please don’t judge me now I’m only human Burned every bridge down I keep it cruising…Read More »

A Tribe Called Quest – Whateva Will Be

[Intro] Girl, this motherfucker’s got rhythm [Verse 1: Phife Dawg] So am I ‘posed to be dead or doin’ life in prison? Just another dummy caught up in the system Unruly hooligan who belongs in Spofford Versus gettin’ that degree at Stanford…Read More »

Excision – Virus (Virus Album) letras

Widespread reports of the infectious X-Virus are pouring in as people around the world are beginning to panic. Medical experts have informed us that alterations of human DNA has led to the creation of an entirely new type of virus. This X-Virus…Read More »