Kenny Loggins – Footloose Lyrics

I’ve been working so hard I’m punching my card Eight hours for what? Oh, tell me what I got I’ve got this feeling That time’s just holding me down I’ll hit the ceiling or else I’ll tear up this town Tonight I…Read More »

Marty Robbins – Trail Dreamin’ Lyrics

All through the day, in the saddle I sway Visions grow as I go trail dreamin’ I see a home on a blue mountain dome Love inlaid, that I made trail dreamin’ There’s a rainbow trail that’s lined with stars That leads…Read More »

Misc – Crown Lyrics

If eyes are the mirror of the soul You will find in my the scorn and apathy You will read my hatred as in a curs’d book You will see yourself as I see you It is a mirror sombre and opaque…Read More »

Matt Simons – With you Lyrics

[Verse 1:] Honest where I start from I try and impart my wisdom A combination of truth and fear That’s the way it’s always been My father and his before him At times we hurt the ones we love so dear [Chorus:]…Read More »